The Place - Where The Transformation Begins

Wake Up Amidst The Foothills Of The Mountains To The Sound Of The Birds And End Your Days Under The Starlit Skies.

Tarang derived from the Sanskrit word means waves. All life in itself is energy, waves, vibrations, continuously interacting with ourselves and those around us. Everything and everyone is vibrating at different frequencies and this is what we project into the world around us. Come raise your vibration through yoga, meditation, connection with the environment and connection with like-minded people.

Tarang Yoga ashram is set amidst the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, close to the holy Ganga River in the world capital of yoga- Rishikesh, India.

 The location is a 25 minute uphill drive from downtown Rishikesh. Free from the air, light and sound pollution of the city, enjoy yourself waking up to the sounds of the birds and end your days stargazing. 

Tarang Yoga Ashram offers you the opportunity to learn & practice yoga in luscious garden settings with scenic views of the mountains. The holy Ganga River is close by, and there is a river just two minute walk away which feeds into the Ganga. There are also two waterfalls and a wildlife sanctuary within trekking distance.



If you choose to visit Rishikesh by road, that would also be a convenient option. You can take a taxi from International Airport in Delhi. If you want, we too can book a taxi for you. The moment you land there, the taxi will be waiting for you, and you can reach us conveniently. You just have to bear the price of .



All the main cities are connected to Rishikesh. You can directly reach Dehradun’s Jolly International Airport, which is situated only 15 kilometres from Rishikesh, from your place or via Delhi’s International Airport. For your ease, we can arrange a taxi from Jolly International Airport on request.


If you are a fan of railway rides, then you can take a train from Delhi to Haridwar. Land at Haridwar station as it is only twenty-five kilometres from Rishikesh. Once you are in Haridwar, you can hire a taxi. Or we can arrange the taxi for you .

Gattu Ghat

Ghattu Ghat where Tarang Yoga Ashram is situated, is a 25 minute uphill drive from downtown Rishikesh. The Resort is free from light, air and sound pollution and on clear nights the skies are lit up with stars. There are two waterfalls within trekking distance as well as wildlife sanctuary. .

Yoga Space & Garden

Tarang Yoga Ashram property is dotted with several spaces indoor and outdoor for yoga, meditation & relaxation.

Tarang Cafe

Tarang Café our on-site organic, vegan café with Gluten free options is open daily from 6:30am to 9pm. Two buffet style meals are served daily at 10am and 7pm. The food is prepared using vegetables from our very own gardens at the ashram. Our food is prepapred according to widely accepted ayurvedic and yogic diet guidelines. All food served is SATTVIC (Dairy, Garlic & Onion-free).